Staten Island Univ. Hospital PANDAS expert panel.  May 2017

Amy Joy Smith NP, June 19, 2017

Amy Joy Smith NP  West Coast PANDAS/PANS Symposium, April 2014

Dr. Jay Giedd  UCSD/ Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, 2015.  Discussing diagnoses and need for specialists with training in both psychiatry and immunology.

Dr. Trifiletti  PANS/PANDAS diagnosis, stages and comorbidities.  New Hampshire, 2014

Dr. Trifiletti Discussion about IVIG, 2017.

Dr. Latimer  New England PANS/PANDAS Parent Association Conference, 2013

Dr. Susan Swedo What is PANDAS, November 2013

Dr. Susan Swedo  West Coast PANDAS Symposium, April 2014

Dr. Murphy  Secondary affects of antibiotics, other than antimicrobial.  Midwest PANDAS/PANS Association, 2016.

Dr. Miroslav Kovacevic  PANDAS/PANS Advisory Council Summit, 2017.